Amaranth Magic

I have to say that draining the water out of my vases is by far the most annoying part of having bouquets in my home.

The flowers are pretty to look at but I definitely want them to last more than a breath of fresh air and that requires maintenance. Have you ever tried to drain water while the flowers are in the vase? The water drips down the leaves and petals and ends up soaking the sink and my arms. It's unpleasant, to say the least.

With the Amaranth Vase, all I need to do is twist the vase and voila! the water drains on its own. It's a water-draining, unbreakable vase that allows stem-access!  I know, it sounds magical. 

It is.

Try it for yourself. All you need to do is twist and drain. 

No wet sleeves. 

No mess.

Just Amaranth magic. 

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