Red Roses Can Be Budget-Friendly

Red Roses Can Be Budget-Friendly

Red roses are a favorite of men and women alike. Their intoxicatingly sweet scent makes them popular when symbolizing love and for all matters of the heart. They are the ideal gift for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and even when proposing marriage. But in 2022 prices and supplies have become very strained.

So, what to do?

Red Roses in Unlimited Supply

The absolute best way to have as many red roses as possible, and whenever you want them, is to grow them yourself. This spring plant some mature rosebushes and you’ll have roses to pick within 2 months! 

If you love those long stem, very fragrant roses you’ll want to purchase a Hybrid Tea Rose bush that is mature and blooming, which is priced around $40. Plant it in a very sunny location in your yard, either the front yard or back. These beautiful flowers are much easier to care for than you’ve been led to believe. A quick youtube video will show you how to trim it using basic techniques. Trimming your rosebushes every spring will ensure growing the largest and healthiest flowers.

The problems with pricing for hybrid tea roses from the florist will likely resolve eventually, but you might consider planting several rosebushes. Most people find they are so easy to grow that they really enjoy it. So, make the best of the spring planting season to be well-supplied with flowers for the rest of this year.

Caring for Your Cut Roses

Of course, you want to get the longest life from every cut rose. The Amaranth Vase will help you do just that. These vases come in 2 sizes, a smaller one for cute little bouquets and the larger for a full bouquet of long stem roses. It’s a clever idea to have both on hand for all those sweetly-scented red roses you’re going to grow.

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