Amaranth Vase Extends the Life of Cut Flowers

These Amaranth Vase Simple Steps Extend the Life of Cut Flowers

Your Amaranth Vase is exactly what you need to brighten your room with freshly cut blooms for an extraordinarily long time, but there are some other steps that will help boost the life of your flowers, as well.

Buy Fresh, Very Fresh

If possible, take a water container with you to shop for fresh flowers. Stick the bouquet stems in the container as soon as you buy them. (If you’re cutting your own homegrown flowers, put the stems in water immediately after cutting.)

The way to know you’re buying the freshest bouquet is to purchase them from a source that either grows the flowers or is a bustling shop with high stock-turnover. Avoid any with petals displaying browned edges or wilted leaves.


Cut away any leaves to ensure only the stems will be submerged, then use your Amaranth Vase to cut the bottoms of the stems at a 45-degree angle. Fill the vase immediately so the stems can begin drinking.

The Best Water for Flowers

This is one time that it’s better to use tap water (providing you don’t have a water softener). The chlorine is exactly what you need to give a little protection from bacteria growing. If you use a softener, use distilled instead of tap and add 1 teaspoon of bleach per quart of water.

Daily Care

It’s best to use your Amaranth Vase to trim off a little bit of the stems daily. And change out the water daily.

Best Placement of Flowers

While it might seem a creative idea to place your bouquet near a bowl of fresh fruit, it’s better to keep them several feet away from ripening fruit. Fruit discharges ethylene gas, that’s what makes it ripen (the source of one bad apple spoils the whole batch). It will do the same to your bouquet. So, place your flowers in your vase and give it a shady spot of its own.

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