Let's Talk About the Magic of the Amaranth Vase

We are passionate about flowers. I mean, we have a vase company so it's pretty apparent! Keeping flowers fresh and blooming for as long as possible is our goal and the Amaranth Vase is the answer. This innovative vase ensures that your floral care is simple and easy. All it takes is 3 easy steps: TWIST, DRAIN, and TRIM. And you're left with fresh flowers for longer periods of time. 

We wanted a vase that was functional as well as aesthetically beautiful. The Amaranth Vase is truly a feat of modern design and engineering. The tapered vase accentuates the beauty of the bouquet while the 3D diamond pattern transforms the vase into a centerpiece of its own! 

Unlike your traditional glass and ceramic vases, the Amaranth Vase won't chip, crack or shatter even when dropped on the floor. The proprietary blend of marble powder with plastic gives the Amaranth Vase a premium feel with premium toughness! That means it is virtually unbreakable; child-proof, pet-proof, adult-proof!

We look forward to helping improve your floral experience with the magic of the Amaranth Vase!